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Finding a place to stay that suits you is a way of ensuring your trip in New Zealand is as enjoyable as possible. We have taken the liberty to examine many parts of New Zealand and we have drawn up a list of places to stay, things to do, what to look out for, and which places have the most chance of fulfilling your requirements.


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New Zealand is a place filled with diverse options when it comes to getting something comfortable and within your budget. There are numerous choices one can choose from in terms of accommodation, so we have creates this website to help you discover the best place for you.

Getting your preferred accommodation space requires some serious assessment before selection. It’s a bit tricky getting the best option for you when all you have to go on is something that has been written by the locations themselves or paid to advertise sites.

At share-accommodation.co.nz we look to be as impartial as possible. The blogs we write, the references we list, stories we tell, reviews, and suggestions are all done with the hope that we can provide you with the very best information to match you with the accommodation you are after.

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If you want to stay in New Zealand, Napier Hawke’s Bay region is an excellent place to base yourself for your holiday. Napier’s cost of living is not as high as the larger cities which makes it an attractive option. The city has enough businesses to make a good place to work if you intend to extend you stay.


Queenstown is one of the number best locations to stay in NZ. Queenstown is an amazing city. During the summer months, you can experience a wide variety of outdoor activities and during the winter, you can ski world-class slopes. There are so many different industries based in and around the city that it is also a great place to find a job for people of all ages.

You may need to stay in the suburbs if you are on a tight budget, due to the high accommodation prices, however it’ll be totally worth it because the views in Central Otago are amazing.


Taupo is certainly on the list of places to stay in NZ if you’re looking for a change of scenery. Tourism is a big industry here, which means lots of jobs. Taupo is located at a central location on the North Island, which makes it extremely accessible.

Getting to Napier, Auckland, Mount Maunganui and Coromandel Peninsula take under 3.5 hours while Mt Ruapehu’s ski fields take under  1 hour to reach.


Since the last few years, Tauranga has become very popular and there’s a good reason for this. This beautiful waterfront city has a lot to offer. There are many industries based here so there are lots of jobs and even though the cost of accommodation can be expensive,  there are always affordable ones to be found.

During the summer months, Aucklanders make the trip to Mt Maunganui a popular holiday destination. In addition to stunning beaches, fantastic nightlife, and a convenient location Tauranga is one of the best options available.


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